Food that keeps you hydrated

5 Foods That Keep You Hydrated

Not a fan of the 8 glasses of water rule? Well, you’ll be glad to know that number isn’t based on any science and that most of us actually get a large amount of water from our food! Foods with a high water content help keep you full, reduce […]

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Powering through Pilates

What is the Pilates Powerhouse?

Odds are you’ve heard your Pilates instructor talked about the powerhouse, and sometimes you might think she’s referring to your core, and although in recent years both terms have been linked together, they are not exactly the same. They are some differences between both, so let’s dig deep into […]

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Top 10 Best and Worst U.S. States for Your Health

How healthy is your state? The United Health Foundation has compared all 50 states in its annual America’s Health Rankings study. The 2016 report is based on categories like smoking, excessive drinking, community, environment, policy, clinical care, and health outcomes. 2016’s data revealed some good news but also some […]

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5 Great Snacks to Burn Fat

We all love snacks and know just how easy it is to eat too many high-calorie low nutrition foods. However, eating snacks with the right ratio of nutrients and calories can be a healthy way to keep you stay energized and even help you lose some weight. Protein plus […]

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