What to Know Before You Buy a Resistance Band

Exercise bands, also known as resistance, stretch, workout, or flex bands, have been around for decades but are becoming more popular. Mat Pilates usually includes them to create resistance and improve certain workout moves. Similarly to the bands on a Pilates Reformer, the extra resistance from the exercise bands […]

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Fit blonde stretching back on exercise ball on the beach

Pilates Moves to Reduce Back Pain

Pilates can easily prevent and decrease back pain, including lower back pain. Pilates is known to strengthen the core to support the back, improve alignment, and provide gentle stretches for tight back muscles. In fact, many of our instructors are specifically trained in using Pilates to heal back pain. […]

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A Green smoothie with mint and celery
** Note: Shallow depth of field

How to Prepare the Perfect Smoothie

The perfect cold, fast, and refreshing treat in the middle of your day doesn’t come better than a smoothie. However, if you wind up at your nearest smoothie spot or reaching for one in the grocery store fridge, the odds are you’ll end up with a sugar-loaded drink that […]

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Low carb zucchini noodle dish with carrots and lime on white marble background overhead view

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Gluten-Free

Starting a gluten-free diet is easier than ever these days as supermarkets and restaurants all offer great gluten-free options to choose from. That’s good news, However, if you’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity you must be very careful not to fall for these common […]

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Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates

People who dance are easy to spot, even offstage. “They’re very aware of their body’s position in space, and they move almost like cats,” says Marie-Louise Bird, a Pilates researcher and post-doctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia. “But most of us are more like puppy dogs, […]

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