Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pilates Class

To take full advantages of a Pilates class, it’s important to remember that form matters. Unfortunately, form mistakes (which everyone is guilty of at some point!) negate the purpose of the exercise. Form mistakes also allow opportunities for injuries to occur. That’s why you might hear us repeating ourselves, […]

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Differences Among Pilates Methods

Did you know that there are two interpretations of Joseph Pilates’ work? The competing interpretations are usually described as classical Pilates and contemporary Pilates. On the one hand, Classical Pilates is characterized as teaching Pilates in its original form, with exercises that develop endurance and stamina. On the other […]

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Common Pilates Myths

There are always unending myths and confusion and rumors about subjects that inspires true passion in people, such as Pilates! With that said, we are here to provide some clarity. Don’t be discouraged by hearing things like “Pilates is just like Yoga” or “Pilates is too easy.” Sadly, those […]

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5 Reasons to Book a Pilates Private Session

Whether you’re new to Pilates or you are a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from a one-on- one session with one of our experienced instructors. These are just a few ways a private Pilates lesson can help you tune-up your fitness routine and tap into your physical health for […]

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5 Pilates Tips for Beginners

Going to your first Pilates class can be intimidating for most people. There’s a lot of new terminology, intricate moves to remember, and if your first class in on a Reformer, there’s this new strange-looking machine in front of you while you stand there completely clueless. However, you don’t […]

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How to Start Meal Prepping

It’s harder than ever to have time to cook all your meals. Between, work, errands, school, and exercise, finding time to stay home and cook an entire meal seems almost like a dream. That’s why many are recurring to meal prep, as a way of saving money and taking […]

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